Trains, Planes and Automobiles: Aeroplane Food #1

Today I spent a long time travelling across the world to get to Singapore. I hope I’m not the only one, but something about aeroplane food really excites me! You order it days or weeks in advance, you’ve no idea what it’s going to be and to the envious looks of the other passengers you normally receive it before anyone else. Also, and often to the surprise of your carnivorous plane buddies, your option looks tastier than theirs! The options were ordered and I was looking forward to seeing how hungry (or not) the travel today would leave me.   
At Heathrow I found myself hobbling around like a zombie after under 5 hours sleep and after a 4am get up to zoom down the motorway. Zzzzz. I thought I’d better grab some food to fuel up and managed to grab a bowl of almond milk porridge with fruits and toasted pumpkin seeds at Wonder Tree. Soya milk also available. It definitely filled a hole. The smashed avocado on sourdough was my preferred option but no avo, so that ruined that! Still, there were vegan options and they were cool to adapt the other dishes for me too, and even though you can’t help being jealous of the bountiful breakfasts being put away around you, it’s nice to feel righteously healthy (for a change, I totally ate two cooked breakfasts this week, I am on a break from fried breakfast foods!!) Vegan options seem to often tick the healthy box too. 

Crawling through the plane to the economy section, gazing at the comfy seats and extra leg room, you never quite know what your journey will be like. After seating and being handed a warm face towel and then some flight socks, I started feeling like royalty though! Just imagine how they treat you at the front of the plane?! Singapore Air, so far, so good! 

  As soon as we began soaring through the sky, lunch (at 10am GMT!) was served. It was dead good. A walnut, tofu, tomato and courgette salad with spinach. Got me thinking aeroplane food must have to hit nutrition guidance or something with this protein boost? The main was a golden and creamy risotto with roasted cherry tomato sauce and courgette and asparagus. Posh eh?! Bread roll came with vegan spread, a fruit salad to end and one of those tiny boxes of raisins that you last saw in infant school packed lunches. I even got a little pot of soya milk for my tea. Ace. 

Speed ten hours, ugh, later and it’s breakfast. Refreshing grapefruit and orange; I sure need that. Some kind of hash browns with sautéed spinach, a ratatouille and a baked tomato. Bread roll with marmalade and those little raisin friends again. My raisin eating quota is up 200% on usual today!

  All in all my verdict is vegan plane food has totally improved in the last ten years. Maybe all plane food has? I don’t know. As long as you’re organised and pre book your special meal with your airline in good time, you’re generally looked after pretty well. Gone are the days when you just have to choose from chicken or fish and if you don’t like it, nothing for you my friend. Plus generally there are loads of drinks and neutral snacks like peanuts or crisps available too for us. 

I left England at 9am after a 4am Monday get up. Now we’re looking at 6am Singapore on Tuesday. I don’t know how my body is going to deal with this but I’m sure glad I’ve had a couple of substantial meals to keep myself going. Well played Singapore Airlines, well played! 


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