VeganBurg, and my last night in Singapore 

 So I had heard about VeganBurg and had been debating whether to go. My thoughts were jumping through hoops – but why would you eat food that isn’t local? You have been recommended it though Vix. But it’s going to be more pricey than noodles isn’t it? Look at those reviews, it does look pretty yummy… It’s far away from the centre of the city, we don’t have time for this! But looking at the map we’re going past it on our way from the airport aren’t we? In the end, obviously my little fast food loving, naughty devil on my shoulder, logic seeking/creating voice won, and we were both on our way to hipster burger heaven. I should face facts; it always wins. It’s in charge!

 The restaurant was out of the way from the centre of the city but close to the subway station Eunos and easy to find. Once inside, it was cool in the heat of the day with very trendy looking tables and chairs made from reclaimed wood and fake grass! We were definitely in cool kid territory everyone. The menu was expansive with loads of burgers to choose from, extras including some healthy choices like soup and broccoli, a variety of drinks and even brownies and a vegan ice cream lolly. I hadn’t seen anything like this in my whole trip in Singapore and I’ve got to say I was excited! They even had those funky little gadgets that beep when your order is ready. I was impressed! But apparently they’re everywhere in Singapore. 


When queueing up another burger-purchaser had struck up a conversation with me intrigued by my familiar accent and she then very kindly invited me to sit with her and her friends. It turns out she was also English and a transfer student at the local university. I was grateful to have someone to chat with, and especially someone as passionate about vegan food as Constance. You can check out her Instagram on her Singapore food adventures and discoveries here. We had a nice chat about life, home, university and food and I directed her towards the awesomeness of and my little vegan passport (about to get reprinted but I’m sure you could find on ebay) which had been useful in the past especially when travelling in countries where my non-animal diet has proved perplexing. Both really helpful tools and I was happy to pass on the tip, to her, and you guys too. 
I ordered the cracked mayo burger with seaweed fries, and a cooler drink – tangy soursop. Also I couldn’t resist a brownie having had no sugary goodness for days. The mockmeat patty was a really great texture and not dry at all, filled with salad and in soft bread buns. Bread had been a stranger to me for a while so it was very enjoyable to have some. The seaweed fries were lovely, and something I’d never tried before, adding a bit of interesting seasoning. Satay and mayo dips were a perfect accompaniment. The brownie was a little hard around the edges but in the middle was smooth and soft. I couldn’t finish it but it was nice to have a hit of sugar. 


What was really ace is after our meal I mentioned I’d be eating dinner in the city and invited Constance and her friend Keng Ee and they said they’d be up for meeting me. I’ve never picked up friends in a vegan restaurant before but I’m glad I have for the first time and maybe it’s something I’ll try again! For my last night in Singapore, it had to be Gokul  Vegetarian Restaurant for the choice and the tasty Singaporean food that I’d be having authentically for the last time. It was great to know I’d have some company too, and lovely company at that. 

 We had an absolute feast in celebration of friendship, randomness, new places to eat and old favourites and goodbyes in my case. I ordered the Gokul Special Hokkein Mee with Beehoon, Yellow Mee and Kway Teow Noodles in a tasty, fragrant sauce and a Peranakan style fish head curry full of that delicious beancurd ‘fish,’ okra and aubergine. An explosion of Singapore tastes! The curry was amazing. I’m so addicted to the taste of tamarind after my travels here and will try to use it more when I get home. The taste of salty soy, rich tomato, hot chilli and tangy tamarind is a family of flavours I really want to get to grips with. Watch this space. 

 Stopover over and done with and a handful of lovely people met and visited, onwards to Australia, the very vegan-friendly city of Melbourne, and my next adventure!


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