Give Vegan Perth A Chance

So I’ve got to be honest Perth, your reputation is a mixed bag. I think your secrets are just a bit hidden though. There are some great places to check out in Perth and after only spending a couple of days there, even I can see this. You just have to do a bit of wandering to find them I reckon. I’ll tell you some reasons why I liked you. 

 Perth seems to have a really compact city centre with all the usual high street shops and banks, some great free museums and galleries, superb coffee as seems all Australia has and surprisingly some of the best graffiti I’m ever stumbled across. Awesome.   The first day I was in Perth I grabbed a sun dried tomato and butter bean wrap from Henry Saw, but also was able to get a cinnamon sugar doughnut and a fruit mince pie. I was especially excited about the pie as it was Christmas time, and I was very far from home, and it was festive! The weather was boiling hot when I was eating it though! Not quite the usual! 

  One day was taken up by wandering everywhere, and on these meanders I found Veggie Mama. This wholefood-rich cafe serves up just about every burger you can imagine, think grains mixed with veggies and nuts or seeds, with salad. Despite all these on offer I ordered a coconut curry full of comforting potato, tofu and veggies. It was pretty ace. The salad was varied and plentiful too. The whole place was full of families, couples, friends, all feasting away. It seemed really popular. There were also a variety of coffees and raw desserts on offer.

 We ordered in on our last night from Theo and Co Pizzeria. I had a vegan pizza that was really unusual – pumpkin, beetroot and courgette with vegan cheese. I’m not sure what I thought of it really… My friend ordered the veggie version and it was topped with a garlicky yoghurt. This could really easily be added by blending up some tofu with baked garlic or something. I think adding something like that would have made it a bit less dry perhaps. But it was nice to be catered for nonetheless. Sorry for the blurry photo!

And when I was in the supermarket the next day I noticed so many vegan products everywhere including cheese, dips, margarine and ice cream. There are definitely vegans living in this city! I actually thought the kale, rocket and white bean dip would have been awesome on that pizza. Check it out Theo and Co!




 We took some trips whilst I was staying in Perth. Margaret River and Busselton in one of my last posts and also Freemantle. Freemantle is one of the best places to go visit in Perth for sure. I spent my morning in Freemantle Jail feeling confused about how my country thought it appropriate to ship people thousands of miles across the sea to become convict labour. It was an interesting place, but kind of glossed over the parts I wanted to know more about such as the human stories of those who were forcibly removed and shipped away from home.  
  Then we wandered around the market which was like a smaller Camden Market, complete with lots of tat as expected, but also some yummy food. For vegans there was lots of fresh fruit. We ate ripe mango for breakfast which was good. And again, a trend, there were loads of raw food places everywhere. The best vegan offering was Whip It Good – a coconut ice cream place. Best name too. Good work! We ordered a matcha green tea swirl, the special and a plain with caramel and cocoa nibs. Divine on a hot summer’s day.
  Lunch was eaten at The Raw Kitchen which wasn’t planned and we almost stumbled onto it by chance after the place we were heading to was closed. The place was so much bigger than expected, a tardis, with a large open space, trendy tables and a vegan menu with raw and cooked foods. It was so much fancier than we had planned… But really nice!! That so have a lifestyle shop attached with eco-products and do raw workshops. To start we shared a beautiful plate of raw nachos, cold smoked almonds, roasted beetroot hummus as well as normal and micro herbs. It was delicious. We also got green smoothies with fancy metal straws.    
My friend ordered the pesto dish with courgette noodles, and I ordered the tempeh coconut curry. I think I’ve fallen in love with tempeh on this trip. Fresh, mild and nutty tempeh cooked to perfection in a yellow coconut broth. Another great tip was the shredded mangetout or more cutely named snowpeas on top. One I will certainly be stealing.

 Another top tip for when you’re here is checking out Little Creatures too. I was told all of the beers were vegan friendly so we did a small tasting to choose which pints to have. They were all pretty delicious and it was a welcome bit of shade from the heat of the day. It’s nice to now enjoy Little Creatures beer on the East Coast, knowing that I’ve been to the brewery. 


  My favourite, favourite thing that I did whilst in Perth, and riskily this isn’t about food at all, was to go to Rottnest Island. It was the best thing because it was here that I met an animal I had never heard of previously but has propelled itself all the way up to my number one on my animal loving list of supergood fluffy creatures. That animal is the quokka and they are unbelievably gorgeous, friendly and they even look like they’re smiling in photos. You all deserve to know of its existence and these are some of the reasons why as animal lovers and vegan food eaters you should give Perth a chance and spend at least a few days there in your lifetime. 



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