Vegan Eats in Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the most lively city to visit if you ever go to Tasmania. It definitely has the biggest centre for shopping if you’re into that sort of thing, there’s Salamanca Place with lots of bars and eateries (not v vegan friendly though for food) and close by the city the thought-provoking and, maybe to some, controversial MONA Art Gallery. (Which I loved btw) Saying that, despite definitely being a switched-on place, there’s not many places that specialise in vegan or vegetarian food here, but these are the best I managed to find during my short stay that were open or close-by during the times I was there.  Firstly do not hesitate to go and grab breakfast from Raspberry Fool. This vegetarian friendly place gets veganism and has a vegan breakfast plate on the menu. Australia does brunch well, and it’s a style I want to bring home with me. Even cooked breakfast here has a lightness about it. I think maybe at home it’s all about recreating the heavy, meaty counterparts of our traditional English breakfast that makes ours a bit stodgier and stomach busting? The serving of morning deliciousness from Raspberry Fool came with avocado, smoky baked beans, salad, crunchy potatoes and white beans on toast with a herby sauce. Plus I got a pot of tea in a cute retro set. What’s not to like?

  You can never go wrong with dumplings and Dumpling World offer a few options that can be veganised. Nothing for me will beat a big plate of pan fried dumplings served with soy sauce and sriracha or chilli oil. I love the crunchy base, the melting sides and the tasty and comforting centre. When I’m sick, give me dumplings in soup and I feel better. To mix your own dumpling dipping sauce add soy and vinegar to taste in the small sauce dish and as much heat as you like. These ones were Chinese style or jiaozi.

  They also veganised a big bowl of noodles for me which was tasty as anything. A spicy broth with noodles, veggies and dumplings. I’m so glad my resistance to chilli level has grown considerably over the last ten years. I remember when even a little bit used to be too much for me much to my then boyfriend’s exasperation, luckily a bit of training over the last few years means I am totally into spicy which makes me happy. People who don’t enjoy spice, you’re missing out on one lovely party. Start introducing yourself to a little bit more every time. This spicy noodle bowl was cheap, filling and left my tastebuds dancing.  So following on from this, Hobart is surprisingly full of great veggie friendly Asian style eateries. There are a couple I checked out, both with a menu to order from and a cheaper buffet style getup too. The first was Heartfood Cafe. Dreaming back to my time in Singapore and Malaysia, and the weird/awesome veggie chicken they made there from beancurd skin, see here, I wanted ‘chicken’ and rice. Unfortunately the meal here was a little bit oily really, but you know, it was veggie and totally got rid of my hunger so no complaints but I maybe wouldn’t reorder it. The large spring roll was also a bit oily, but crispy with a cabbagey filling. I basically always love spring rolls. They are addictive. Never a hater of them even if I’m covered in grease, which I probably shouldn’t admit to. 


 The next week I tried another of the buffet style Asian places in the same walkway, Thai Veggie Hutt. Now, this place had something I’ve never seen before – veggie chicken drumsticks. Weird but tasty. I don’t think I really go for the fake bone within the chicken but I suppose it’s to make these little morsels easy to eat too? Maybe a bit too real for comfort for some? I don’t know. These were a new one on me anyway. In this restaurant the cost of your plate depends on how many dishes you eat. I had my bowl loaded up with a few of the stirfries on offer that day with freshly steamed rice although you can choose noodles if you prefer. Full of veggies, mockmeat, tofu and sauce it was a flavoursome and plentiful lunch and I would have gone back if I had had the chance.

  There are a few other places around with vegan options that were closed or just further out from where I was staying, so if you ever go to Hobart maybe let me know how these ones are too:

The Soup Stop – soups and other veggie and vegan meals like burgers and curries

Burger Got Soul – typical burger joint with veggie options that can be veganised 

Marcello’s Pizza – some vegan pizza options

Tasmania as a whole was a great place to visit. So green, with wonderful nature and wildlife. I felt very lucky there as I saw some amazing Australian animals, which is probably why most of us are vegan or vegetarian in the first place right? We do it for the animals and a love of cool creatures, whatever that creature may be. Secretly I like to think one of the reasons I always seem to see wildlife in action is because they know I’m a friend not foe!!! But I could be wrong! Humour me! Here are some of my favourite sights within the forests and national parks for you to enjoy. ❤️



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