Ten Year Vegan Birthday! (And the Perfect Vegan Cheese Toastie Recipe)

So I can’t quite believe it’s been a decade since I last ate animal products! This makes me feel old probably, but pretty happy. It’s also World Vegan Day, which I’m not sure I realised when I became vegan so it’s a massive and wonderful coincidence. I keep thinking about the way the availability of vegan recipes, vegan meals and foods in supermarkets, and even just the reaction and understanding to telling people that you’re vegan has changed. There is so much more awareness now, and less confusion and more interest. People care about where their food comes from, they are interested in the effects of what they eat on their bodies and also the ethical and environmental effect of what they are putting their money into. 

With this in mind, and because it’s World Vegan Month, I’m going to (hopefully) blog everyday in November about an easy trick or product or meal that I find helpful with my diet or lifestyle. Being vegan is hard at first, because you are swimming against the mass view of what we should be eating, you are bombarded with advertising and products and temptation everywhere you go and also you are changing the way your body eats, which takes some getting used to. But I promise, if you give it a try, you will be surprised at the tasty food you will be able to create, generally people put more veggies in their diet so feel pretty awesome and even if you don’t adopt a vegan diet forever (but obviously that would be ace!) you will be able to make your weekly meals more interesting, colourful and varied. Food is great after all!

Saying that, the first recipe or idea I’m going to offer isn’t all that healthy or colourful but it is convenient and we all need junk food in our lives. Especially as the dark nights are closing in now. Sainsbury’s have just put out a load of new vegan cheeses, and although I haven’t tried them all yet, the caramelised onion one is delicious. So here we go. With the perfect Vegan Cheese Toastie and all my little tricks to make it the best!

Vegan Cheese Toastie

2 slices of fresh white bread

Vegan marg 

Vegan cheese – I usually use 2 Violife slices or in this case, some grated Caramelised Onion Cheese from Sainsbury’s. I find grating block cheese best to help it melt. 

A few sprigs of fresh rosemary

Vegan Worcestershire sauce

Simply warm up your frying pan slowly. Butter ALL sides of the bread thinly. Chop up your rosemary and sprinkle on one of the outside pieces of bread. Place on the rosemary side down into the pan. It should sizzle. The heat should be quite low – there is nothing more heartbreaking than a burnt cheese toastie. Sprinkle cheese generously in the middle with a few splashes of vegan Worcestershire sauce, then place the second bread slice on top. Sprinkle rosemary on the outside piece facing upwards. After a few minutes carefully flip over with a spatula, and press down on the top, allowing the melted margarine to drip into the bread helping the cheese to melt. Keep flipping over after a few minutes until both sides are nicely golden brown and the cheese in the middle melty! I usually serve with a bowl of tomato soup for dinner or a big dollop of ketchup. Quick, easy and pure class!

Enjoy! And I will be back tomorrow with another idea or tip for you all 💚 but now I’m going to go and celebrate my vegan birthday with pizza and beer! 


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