Little Tips for Vegan Travellers 

So just a quick one tonight as I’ve left it very late to write anything lengthy and today has been a bit busy, but I thought I’d mention a couple of things that I’ve found very useful whilst travelling around the UK and further afield to help me carry on being vegan even though being away from home sometimes makes it harder. Whether out for the evening in a different city, on a break in a European city or trekking for weeks in a country many miles away, both of these things are really great. 

The first is the fantastic Happy Cow website that lists all the veggie and vegan restaurants, cafes and shops you can imagine. I’ve travelled throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia using this, allowing me to sample tasty food all over the place. There are reviews, images and maps showing you where you can go to eat.

What’s really handy is, it’s even an app now, so you can search for places near you, whether you’re using 4G at home, or wifi in a shopping centre in Hong Kong. It’s taken me to some really delicious places and it even gives you a map and distances to make it even easier. My one top tip though is to double check the cafes are open, because when you’ve trekked twenty minutes in the humid heat in Japan with a huge backpack to find that place you really wanted to eat at is shut, sometimes that can be a little upsetting! I’ve definitely had a lot of positive experiences using this website though, so if you don’t know it, check it out! It’ll give you some good food times for sure. 

My other little tip is to get a Vegan Passport. This compact book has been really helpful when I’ve been travelling about in places with no seemingly veggie options. It basically lists, in apparently 96% of the world’s languages what a vegan diet is and politely asks if a meal could perhaps be provided for you. There are images as well to make it even clearer what can or cannot be eaten. What I also hadn’t realised is, as I bought mine a decade ago, that now there is an app for the passport which is amazing! No worries about even carrying the book around with you now. There’s an app for everything today eh kids? Incredible. 

I love to travel and these two little things I’ve used along the way have really helped me out. I hope, if you don’t know about them already, that they might be useful for you too. And now I think I need to go and download the Vegan Passport for myself, and maybe plan my next adventure too whilst I’m at it!


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